About Brush with Life, Inc. 

Over the course of five years, Brush with Life, Inc. has filmed and documented the artistic creative process with the dedicated assistance of the master artists — utilizing some of the world’s most beautiful places as their inspiration. Their purpose: to assemble quality HD artistic content and programming. The Passport & Palette® series and The Search for the Next Great Artists are two premiere productions of Brush with Life’s historic artistic endeavor.  

Production Credits:  

Executive Producer / Director / Series Concept: Theodore David Johnson 

Producer / Editor / Cameraman / Music / Graphics: Scott Chamberlain   

Cameraman / Editor / Special-Effects / Sound: William Feoranzo

Executive Producer: Nova Lorraine

Master Artist / Producer: Kevin Macpherson 

Master Artist / Producer: Joe Anna Arnett 

Master Artist / Producer: James Asher 

Master Artist / Producer: Kenn Backhaus 

Production Services: Brush with Life
® Productions 

Managing Director: Phillip Wright  

Vice President of Operations: Mark Rittorno  

Vice President of Sales: Gerry Fraenkel 

Director of Business Development: John McKenna 

Senior Vice President of International Business Development: Lora Feng   

Original Programming / Executive Producer: Alex Bostic

Producer: Sibel Meydan 

Producer: Wanda Macpherson 

Production Artist Equipment: Peggy & Eric Chang 

Original Music/Series Soundtrack: Coles Whalen / www.coleswhalen.com 

Narration: Gina Minervini  

Voiceover: Jay Higgins

Legal Services for the Passport & Palette
® Series' First Season were provided by: M. Kilburg Reedy, Esq. 

Legal Services: Walter J. Tencza Jr. Esq. / Registered Patent Attorney, Reg. No. 35,708 / www.patentnow.com  


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